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Wildgoods Womb Blessing Worldwide

88,000+ Women gather Worldwide for a distant May Full Moon Womb Blessing…will you join?

Wildgoods by Karina

A Sacred Invitation….. “In February 2015 the Womb Blessing family consisted of over 88,000 women from over 130 countries worldwide.” Five times a year thousands of women around the World come together to do something extraordinary – to share love, light and healing, and to awaken the Sacred Feminine within themselves and within the World. […]

wildgoods mother earth moon goddess shifts awakening consciousness


Wildgoods by Karina

  This past couple of weeks we have been experiencing some major shifts on our planet energetically from the super moon, blood moon and major eclipses in a full on transformation. Many people have felt stressed, disconnected, over whelmed, confused and erupting with old repressed anger, headaches, and the like.  Apparently blockages are being removed and clearing […]

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